Because of COVID-19 situation, the summer course in 2022 has been postponed to 2023.

What is the Croucher Foundation Summer Program at HKUST?

The Croucher Foundation was established in 1979 to enhance opportunities for young postgraduate students and research enthusiasts through a diverse channel of opportunities. Since then, the Foundation has provided numerous exciting opportunities to enable progressive knowledge sharing in natural science.


Specifically, the Scientific Exchange program in collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology began in 2013, with high attention on one of the most detrimental threats of our generation: CLIMATE CHANGE & Marine Ecosystems. Since then, every other year young talents and environmental enthusiasts joined forces in four different conferences to learn from the world’s top recognized environmental and climate scholars here at HKUST, all while developing meaningful connections with one another within their 5-day residence on our beautiful seaside campus. 

“This five-day summer course aims to provide students with a systematic and comprehensive overview of the impact of global climate change and the rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 on ocean ecosystems, with a particular focus on the three major impacts of ocean warming, ocean acidification, and hypoxia.”  - Croucher Foundation 2019 objective

The Fifth Croucher Foundation Summer-Course on Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems (2022)

This year, we are happy to announce the upcoming  5th Croucher Foundation Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems 2022 program, with a focus on environmental modeling and simulation, while covering the experimental approaches necessary to develop your hypotheses. 



In line with the progressive promises of modern-day approaches to environmental research, students will have hands-on workshops that elevate the necessary skills required to develop as young research enthusiasts, all while enhancing knowledge robustly through daily lectures; Mingling sessions with top global researchers led by professor Hongbin LIU that will provide deep insight into the scientific mind, as well as night time social events and chats with fellow science enthusiasts who share the same active approach enthusiasm as you. Stay in our beautiful seaside accommodations at the Hong Kong Clear Water Bay campus and experience the rivetting Hong Kong culture and lifestyle in the 5 days of scientific adventure!



The official application will be provided on the Croucher Foundation official website in the first quarter of the upcoming year 2023. Follow ( for updates and application arrangements.  Information on application deadlines, program quota, teaching scholars, and a detailed breakdown of program content will also be available shortly!

We look forward to seeing all of our students and science enthusiasts there and wish you luck in all your scientific adventures and endeavors.